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Corrientes: an educational bulletin



Corrientes, subtitled "Boletín para los educadores de Galápagos" ("Bulletin for Galapagos Educators"), was a publication produced by the Environmental Education area of the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS), with the support of the Galapagos National Park and the INNFA (National Institute for Children and the Family). It was created during Chantal Blanton's tenure as Director of the CDRS, written by Mao Ortuño, edited by Jennifer Sutherland, and illustrated by Sara Santacruz.

Corrientes' objective was to "support the work of teachers by providing basic information on different topics related to our environment". Each bulletin included basic information on Galapagos' natural and socio-cultural topics, as well as ideas for didactic activities, a motivational segment called "Did you know that...?", and several educational resources — maps, drawings, short readings, discussion questions, and bibliographic resources.

Initially, it was planned that the bulletin would be delivered to local teachers twice a year, accompanied by a survey to determine the scope of the publication and the needs of the public. The first issue was launched at the end of 1993, in a simple folder designed to include all future issues. Unfortunately, as far as existing records tell, the bulletin only reached number 3, published in 1995.

Corrientes was part of a strong educational strategy led by the CDF in the Galapagos Islands since the late 1990s, which also included the publication of educational guides, the organization of the Renacer Club, work in the CEAs (Environmental Education Centers), and numerous educational and didactic proposals. All of them were oriented towards the knowledge and conservation of local biodiversity; however, they also placed an emphasis on the social and cultural reality of the islands. For conservation and environmental education are, above all, social processes.

Aa.Vv. Corrientes : Boletín para los educadores de Galápagos. [Manuscript]. Santa Cruz, Galapagos : Aa.Vv., 1993. [N.d.] : b/w ill. : 29 cm. DDC 333.72. Regularly preserved.

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