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IDs at the CDF



Early scientists working at the Charles Darwin Research Station received, upon their arrival, an ID informing of their status. Although devoid of some important, crucial information (such as a date, area, project, etc.), those IDs were essential to keep track of the many people working around for the CDF in Galapagos. They also forged a sort of identity, and strengthened a sense of institutional belonging.

One of the collections at the CDF' Archive comprises exactly the half of all existing IDs issued by the CDF throughout the years. Originally, they were organized by alphabetic order and stored in two folders, one of which has not been found to the date. However, the other one holds about 200 original cards, with the identification of all professionals and academics that had a position in the CDF in the past.

IDs at the CDF

Some of them do not collaborate with CDF any longer. Such is the case of French geographer Christophe Grenier, once the CDRS' Science Director, and author of celebrated Conservation contre nature (2007).

Others, however, still do. Like Heinke J├Ąger, CDF's restoration ecologist.

Charles Darwin Foundation. [Scientists' IDs]. [Card]. Santa Cruz : CDF, [ca1980]. [N.d.] : col. ill. : 5 x 8 cm. DDC 986. Well preserved.

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