The count of time


The count of time



From the mid-19th century onwards, calendars have been used as one of the most successful and repeated tools in the history of advertising, either in pocket format or as large commercial wall / desk calendars. The pages of the latter have made it possible to disseminate photographs and messages, and to bring commercial brands or institutional logos into many homes and workplaces.

CDF did not miss the opportunity to gain visibility among the local community and visitors to the Galapagos Islands and, at least since the 1980s, created a series of calendars featuring images of the archipelago's landscapes and biodiversity. Some of these photographs belong to such renowned professionals as Tui de Roy, and their analysis allows us to appreciate the changes in thematic interests over time (from generic landscapes to specific species, from artistic images to elements with a message), and even to identify stylistic variations in the overall design layout.

The CDF Archive has managed to recover and conserve a small collection of specimens and continues to track down lost items to add to the list.

Aa.Vv. [Calendars]. [Calendar]. [N.d.] : Aa.Vv., 1980-1990. [N.d.] : col. ill. : 21 x 30 cm. DDC 508. Well preserved.

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