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The "Guías didácticas de educación ambiental" (Environmental Education Teaching Guides) were published in August 2021 and publicly presented as the second volume of the series "Memories of the CDF". They were scanned from the original documents kept in the Charles Darwin Foundation's (CDF) archive, and are freely distributed in digital format.

This work was originally published in 1998 as "Guías didácticas" (Didactic Guides) by the CDF for its Environmental Education Centers (CEAs) on the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal and Isabela.

It consisted of eight "didactic guides", which were printed in full color on thick paper, and presented in a folder in a striking yellow shade. They were produced as "field guides for teachers" within the formal education strategies of the FCD, and their use was promoted both in the CEAs (created in 1998 and closed in 2006) and in the Galapagoan educational sector.

The authorship of the guides was assigned to Sandra Tapia, and the illustrations to Santiago Torres, although Priscila Martínez, Howard Snell, Hernán Vargas, Carlos Zapata, Iván Aldaz, Robert Bensted-Smith, Pippa Heylings, Alice Owen, Mark Burton, Charlotte Causton, Alan Tye, Isolda Rojas, Rosita Velasteguí and Pilar Aycart participated.

The original graphic design was made by Ximena Córdova, and Joaquín Hernández de la Obra and Blas Luje collaborated in the technical review. The guides were produced by the CDF's Environmental Education and Communication area, with the support of the British Embassy, the British Council, the Frankfurt Zoological Society and Special Expeditions.

Today, recovered and digitized, the guides are available to the general public but, above all, to Galapagos teachers, always in need of support when developing content on environmental education.

[A copy of the Guías didácticas de educación ambiental can be downloaded from the section "Books".]

Tapia, Sandra. Guías didácticas de educación ambiental. [Book]. Galapagos : CDF, 1998. Varied pagination : col. ill. : 21 x 30 cm. DDC 508. Well preserved.

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  Keywords: Books | Environmental impact | Environmental protection | Invasive species | Protected areas
  Time framework: 1998


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