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Among the projects and activities carried out by the Charles Darwin Foundation's (CDF) Library, Archive and Museum area, there is the recovery of elements belonging to the Galapagos Islands' social memory, taking as a starting point the documents kept in the archive.

Among the latter, there are the original materials that gave rise to the first newsletter of the now famous Club Renacer: a newsletter published between 1992 and 1993, with an original concept by Coca de Rech and drawings by Sara Santacruz. This document allows us to recover some basic historical lines related to that project, which was closed about two decades ago.

The Club Renacer ("To be reborn", whose motto was "Children working for conservation") was created between 1987 and 1988 by a group of people interested in the preservation of the Galapagos Islands and close to the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Born as a conservation organization, the Club allowed Galapagos children to learn more about the islands through walks, talks, games and guided visits. Begun on Santa Cruz Island, in 1992 chapters began to operate on Isabela and San Cristóbal Islands, with the support of the INNFA (National Institute for Children and the Family). Renacer was open, free of charge, to all children between the ages of 8 and 12; as members of the Club, they were trained as guardians and protectors of the islands' biodiversity.

The objectives of the Club were to encourage in children the pride of living in Galapagos; to educate them in conservation tasks; and to make them aware of the goals and activities carried out by conservation organizations (such as the CDF) in the islands. Activities included weekly meetings for educational and recreational events, National Park and CDF talks, trips to different parts of the islands, and training in manual labors, painting, radio broadcasting, and puppetry.

By the 2000s, the CDF's environmental education program lost strength, and with it its CEAs (Environmental Education Centers), its teaching materials, and the children's conservation Club. Along with the newsletters, there remain photographic collections that demonstrate the popularity of Renacer's activities. This fragment of social memory may, at some future time, serve as a seed to revive an activity as important as it is necessary in the archipelago.

Charles Darwin Foundation. [Proof of the Renacer Club's bulletin]. [Manuscript]. Galapagos : CDF, [ca1992]. 10 pp. : b/w ill. : 21 x 30 cm. DDC 986. Well preserved.

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