Marine iguanas


Marine iguanas



Marine Iguanas: Between Land and Sea is a digital book dedicated to the famous reptiles of the Galapagos Islands. The work combines a series of photographs by British researcher Godfrey Merlen, preserved as slides in the audiovisual collection of the CDF Archive, with a selection of historical texts on the archipelago that are part of the "historical bibliography" in Galapagueana.

Using both resources, and connecting the visual works with fragments of narratives and chronicles, a more immediate approach to one of the most iconic Galapagos species is sought. An approach that goes beyond mere scientific knowledge, and that places it in a much broader and comprehensive frame. The minimalist design reinforces the importance of the images, which are already part of the audiovisual heritage of the Galapagos.

The CDF thanks Godfrey Merlen for the photos, and all the chroniclers, travelers and scholars who left, in their notebooks, testimony of the natural wonders they encountered on their way through "The Encantadas".

[A copy of the Marine Iguanas can be downloaded from the section "Books".]

Charles Darwin Foundation. Marine Iguanas: Between Land and Sea. [Photographs by Godfrey Merlen; texts edited by Edgardo Civallero]. [Book]. Santa Cruz : CDF, 2022. 27 pp. : col. ill. : 21 x 30 cm. DDC 508. Well preserved.

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